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The cannabis countdown is on

The countdown is on. We are nearly at 3 years of Cannabis being legalized from the west coast to the east coast of Canada and all the provinces and territories in between. Why are cannabis dispensaries such as Star Buds Cannabis Co. excited about this? Winnipeg cannabis consumers and those working in the industry are celebrating legalization and all that entails. If you recall some of the shelf prices on products at big box stores such as Tweed & Tokyo Smoke were as HIGH (pun-intended!) as $55 for 3.5g of Canopy’s house brand dried cannabis flower. While you may still see beefy shelf prices on some retail cannabis products in various stores today - cannabis products that have proven to be of only-average quality are having their prices dropped, so that the retail stores aren’t sitting on product that don’t meet their consumers standards. Pot is a business, but is a booming business and an industry that is constantly developing. There are so many products available on the market these days; it is impossible for one shop to have it all. With so many choices now of where to shop, what to buy, what to try next time, cannabis consumers often rely on the expertise of cannabis dispensary staff to assist them with making their purchase. Or perhaps they just want a recommendation on the best product available at that moment ;) We encourage cannabis consumers to ask questions, try new things and remember that you don’t need to break the bank to smoke good pot. With all this selection – the best green is just an arm’s length away. If you’re in the Winnipeg area – you NEED to check out Star Buds Cannabis Co. for the best selection of AFFORDABLE craft cannabis that will blow your mind.

What is on the horizon for Canadian cannabis consumers? Winnipeg local cannabis advocate Steven Stairs, says that the LGCA is listening to the concerns of Manitobans. They are open to discussing the needs and wants of Manitobans and they are quick to say what rules are the responsibility of Health Canada to come up with/enforce. What we do know is that Cannabis lounges are in the approval stages at Winnipeg City Hall & Health Canada is listening to consumers wants to increase the 10mg THC limit in edible cannabis products. The Toba Grown movement is heading to court to fight for Manitobans right to home-grown cannabis as well. It is an exciting time for the cannabis community in Winnipeg and across Canada. We are almost 3 years into legalization, what will we see happen next?

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