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OGEN –Producer of Small Batch, Craft Cannabis Lineup is restocked at Star Buds in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The OGEN Trifecta; Gas Berries #112, Lemon Z #42 & Early Glue RXB-1 are staple names on the digital menu boards at Star Buds Cannabis Co retail store. Located at 2519 Portage Ave & 1210 Rothesay Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

OGEN produces small batch, unique craft cannabis grown in the heart of Calgary, AB. They believe that higher quality cannabis comes from a higher level of care throughout the growing process. OGEN hand trims & hand packages every cannabis bud grown with an immense amount of care and respect. Not only are their thc products out of this world, their philosophy in regards to cannabis and the growing process aligns with our philosophy. We are proud to carry the OGEN trifecta at Star Buds Cannabis Co in the wonderful city Winnipeg.

Gas Berries #112 – Descending from a lineage of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Blueberry; Gas Berries #112 is a potent, indica dominant cannabis strain. This specialized phenotype was selected and named for its rich berry and gasoline mixed aroma and flavour. Dominant terpenes in Gas Berries include Pinene & Myrcene. A strain that tastes & smells exactly like its named… Gas & Berries (blueberries to be specific). These dense cannabis flowers are light lime green colour in appearance and are glistening with oily trichomes.

Lemon Z #42 – Lemon Z is derived from a cross of the classic cultivar Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez. The result of this extensive pheno hunt, our Lemon Z #42 is a sativa-dominant weed strain that provides a punchy lemon aroma with hints of warm brown sugar and chocolate. Dominant terpenes in Lemon Z include Humulene & Limonene. These big sticky buds appear to have light hues of green, adorned with orange stigmas and frosty trichomes. The smell of fresh lemon with notes of brown sugar and chocolate will slap you in the face as soon as you pop the top off of the 3.5g jar. Sativa lovers – rejoice. Add OGEN Lemon Z to your canna-shopping list today at our newest retail location on Rothesay Ave in Winnipeg!

Early Glue RBX1 #15 - This unique strain is the reverse back-cross of (GG4 x Blackfire F-1) with the original GG4. This knockout indica pheno was selected for its larger bract size, delivering a higher density of trichomes for a more robust cannabinoid and terpene profile. The result? A distinctly creamy aroma with a funky floral finish. Dominant terpenes in Early Glue include Beta-Caryophyllene & Limonene. These large, tight buds smell of creamy vanilla with deep funky floral notes, appear purpleish in colour, are sticky to the touch and taste of cookies & cream dunked in tea. A unique flavour that you MUST try!

Star Buds Cannabis Co. stores on Portage Avenue & Rothesay Street in Winnipeg, MB currently carry the OGEN lineup in 3.5g containers (aka 1/8th). Star Buds strongly believe that small batch, craft cannabis should be accessible to cannabis concessioner’s near and far without having to break the bank. We’ve got you, buds! View our entire store menu at

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