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Highland Grow – Sensi Wizard review at Star Buds Cannabis Co. in Winnipeg

Highland Grow – Sensi Wizard (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

So it’s not every day that a new strain comes out from Highland Grow, but when they land at Star Buds Cannabis Co. at 2519 Portage Ave in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Star Buds budtenders always gets excited. With their Cherry Burst weed and White Lightning cannabis as mainstays on our cannabis table over the Winnipeg summer, it seemed only fitting we would check out the newest creation from Nova Scotia’s finest cannabis. On deck we have “Sensi Wizard” from Highland Grow - a skunky Sativa hybrid with 23.9% THC that comes on strong with ripe fruits, herbal undertones and just the right amount of spice. We sent field agent Mo’ out to feel the magic.


The August 18 packing date (3 weeks ago!) is easily seen and smelt upon first open. Closer inspection with a magnifying glass on the plump, yet perfectly trimmed buds could not disappoint even the highest connoisseur with vibrant green colours dominating the spectrum and soft orange hairs dispersed between. Cannabis bud size is medium-large with nice rebound, density and a medium-small stem size.


With only good experiences so far from Highland Grow, Sensi Wizard had high expectations to live up to and the initial nose of this is on the fruitier end of the spectrum with zesty overtones and a citrusy, diesel aroma that lives up to the hype and also reminds you of the 23.9% THC content. The flower has been packed very well, and retained it’s moisture and terpene profile fully through the distribution process. Come smell it in our cannabis retail store at Birchwood Plaza, Manitoba.


The fruit flavours in Sensi Wizard are the first things you notice before being left with subtle yet increasingly pronounced savory undertones. The smoke has a good density that is strong but not overpowering, and something to be savoured. Whilst a very approachable strain, it tastes on the stronger side with a rich mouth feel and heavy yet clear headed high underpinned by an excellent terpene profile that lead to an uplifting flavour driven experience whilst smoking cannabis in Winnipeg.

Additionally we found this strains flavour profile to be relatively curved, with the exhale flavours mirroring the inhale at first before the fruit flavours gradually transition to savoury and stay friendly with the palate for some time afterwards.


Overall we would have to say that Sensi Wizard from Highland Grow has to be one of the better Sativa dominant strains we have come across. The high left me with zero feelings of anxiety or nausea, but instead with lots of uplifting energy and feelings of creativity that live up to it’s namesake. As is often the case, after consumption, the buds only look and smell better. Immediately Sensi Wizard and myself feel like old pals, with lots to laugh about and plenty still to accomplish together. With plenty of stiff competition in it’s price range, Sensi Wizard lives up to the hype and is well worth a try. Still not convinced? Come in to the Star Buds Cannabis store next to the Boston Pizza on Portage Ave in Winnipeg or shop online at

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