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Fleurish Rally (Island Sweet Skunk) at Star Buds Cannabis Co. in Winnipeg

Rally by Fleurish is a sativa-dominant cannabis that is not only potent but extremely flavourful and smelly as well. Rally has earthy notes and a nice fruity grapefruit /citrus taste. Dominant terpenes in this product will help the consumer experience a nice uplifting, energetic, creative high that is longer-lasting than most of similar kind.

If you haven't yet heard of Canadian LP Fleurish, they were launched with "a focus on celebrating the unique energy and power of women." They are a small-batch craft cannabis growers and cultivators that pay a high level of care to their plants throughout the entire process. Everything is done by hand. Watering, hang drying bud, trimming and sorting. Fleurish plants are grown indoors using the help of science and technology in their growing facility. Fleurish offers premium, craft cannabis products in a variety of types.

Star Buds Cannabis Co. in Winnipeg is currently running a sale on 3.5g jars of Fleurish Rally. If you haven't yet tried it - now is the perfect time!!

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