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BeeHIGHve Captain Cooked (Peanut Butter Breath) available at Star Buds in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peanut Butter Breath is such a unique strain that NEVER disappoints. Available now at Star Buds Cannabis Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Stop by either cannabis retail location at 2519 Portage Ave or 1210 Rothesay Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you're a sweets-aholic like I am and love peanut butter - consider this a MUST try! These buds were MASSIVE, deep green/brown in colour, complete with orange hairs and coated in hella crystals. All three of my cats went BONKERS when I opened this bag. Sometimes they're interested on my bags of weed depending on the smell, most times they can't be bothered. You know it HAD to have been good when I was swarmed by 12 legs and 3 tails as soon as this weed felt the air in my living room. This batch is low THC (15% and change), but that number did not translate into the effects, which hit like the 20% THC + products that everyone is chasing. Effects were pretty chill overall. Not heavily sedating while not being overly stimulating either. A very unique smoke and a balanced sesh is what this product comes down to. Fun fact: BeeHighve is Newfoundland & Labrador's FIRST licensed Cannabis producer.

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