Council Grants Development Permits For Cannabis Retail Locations

There could be two more cannabis retail locations coming to Weyburn after two discretionary use development permits were approved by Weyburn City Council Monday night.

The first permit on the agenda to be approved was for 95 Government Rd, and the second was for 132 1st St. NE. The permits were approved with several conditions, including no operation starting until a business license has been provided by the City of Weyburn, and the approval from the SLGA. Additionally, the owners will need to comply with all the federal and provincial acts and regulations concerning the sale of cannabis and accessories.

The two permits coming before the council raised a question from City Councillor Laura Morrissette on the number of permits provided to each municipality when cannabis was first legalized in 2018. For Weyburn, there were two permits initially awarded to entrepreneurs who were looking to open a retail location. With one location already open, the possibility of two more stores would exceed the limit. Development officer Janine Fletcher clarified the situation during the council meeting.

“In September 2020, the provincial government lifted the limit on the number that could go into a municipality,” explained Fletcher.

Councillor Jeff Richards also asked for clarification on the requirement of having an SLGA permit before opening. While the discretionary use development permits were approved for the applicants, the store can’t open for business until the SLGA permits are in place, Fletcher clarified.

In addition to the application of the discretionary use permits, there were a number of other items before Weyburn City Council during the meeting Monday evening.

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