Cannabis Guide for the USA & Canada-Saskatchewan

Distribution of Cannabis The laws governing the possession, distribution, and consumption of cannabis in Saskatchewan are governed by The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act (the “Act”) and The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Regulations (the “Regulations”). The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (“SLGA”) is the designated provincial Cannabis Authority and is responsible for the administration and oversight of the provincial cannabis retail system. Retail Sale of Cannabis In Saskatchewan, there are two types of cannabis permits that may be issued. The first type of cannabis permit is a cannabis retail store permit. Retailers are required to operate a brick-and-mortar storefront and can also sell cannabis on a retail website for pick-up and delivery in Saskatchewan. A cannabis retail store is permitted to make deliveries subject to the Regulations. Retailers may also sell cannabis at wholesale to other permitted retailers located in the province. The second type of cannabis permit is a cannabis wholesale permit. Permitted wholesalers can sell to permitted retailers and other permitted wholesalers but not to the general public. Wholesale operations must be physically located in Saskatchewan and product can only be sold and distributed within Saskatchewan. The SLGA is now also accepting registrations for Licensed Producers. Only Licensed Producers registered with SLGA will be permitted to sell into the Saskatchewan market. Licensed Producers cannot sell to the general public but are permitted to ship directly from existing warehouse facilities to a Saskatchewan permitted wholesaler of retailer. Licensing Framework A limited number of retail store opportunities were initially made available in Saskatchewan when cannabis was legalized. The process of phasing in an open-market system when allocating cannabis retail permits in Saskatchewan is now underway. Beginning in April 2020, SLGA began accepting applications for cannabis retail permits in communities with populations less than 2,500 as well as from communities that were previously identified as eligible for permits but who did not proceed. In communities of 2,500 or more, cannabis retail stores must operate as standalone businesses. In communities under 2,500, stores may be standalone or integrated with another business. As of September 1, 2020, SLGA began accepting permit applications for stores in all communities in the province. Interested individuals and businesses will still need to meet the permit requirements. If there is no existing retail store in the community, SLGA requires that the municipality or First Nation must approve the establishment of a retail store in the community before SLGA will issue a permit. General Prohibitions of Cannabis

  • Minimum Age: 19. There is a ticketing scheme in place for a minor purchasing, possessing or consuming cannabis as well as fines for selling to a minor.

  • Home Growing: The default position set out in the federal Cannabis Act (Canada) (ability to grow 4 plants per dwelling) has been maintained. No one may possess any plants in a public place that are budding or flowering.

  • Travel: Cannabis may not be consumed in vehicles. A ticketing scheme has been put in place to enforce this. Similar transportation laws to alcohol apply. Generally, no one may possess, consume or distribute cannabis in a vehicle. However an exception is that cannabis may be transported from the place it was lawfully obtained, to a place where it can be lawfully kept or consumed.

  • Consumption: Cannabis can only be consumed in a private place. Cannabis cannot be consumed in a public place in Saskatchewan, except where specifically allowed in the Act, Regulations or an Act of the Parliament of Canada. There are specific prohibitions in schools and daycares. There may also be bans/orders in campgrounds, similar to alcohol (i.e. long weekend ban).

  • InterProvincial Movement of Cannabis:. No restrictions, but subject to the public possession limit of 30g of dried cannabis (or equivalent) per person for adult-use. A person is permitted to purchase cannabis from a jurisdiction outside of Saskatchewan.

  • Location: A municipality may designate locations in the municipality where prescribed activities that may otherwise be allowed by a cannabis permit are not permitted. First Nation bands may also prohibit prescribed activities that may otherwise be allowed by a cannabis permit in that municipality or reserve.

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