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Vaporizing Cannabis - Everything you need to know

Tasting Notes

Oh, how I wish we could steal Skittles slogan “Taste The Rainbow”; it really captures the diversity and complexity that is cannabis and terpenes. Alas, we cannot, so instead, we designed a few charts to help you experience cannabis, terpenes, and vaporization to the fullest.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are an exciting topic within the cannabis community, for a variety of different reasons. Our Introduction to terpene series will cover 6 common terpenes found in cannabis. While terpenes have been ever-present in plants, fungi, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables, cannabis has brought a newly piqued interest into the aromatic world of terpenes. To learn more about terpenes click here.

Why vaporization?

To take an extreme example, lets compare cannabis consumption to cooking. To get the most flavor out of bacon, you wouldn’t set it on fire and burn it to a crisp (okay, some people might, but are they even people?). Instead, you may cook it at an appropriate temperature that allows you to enjoy that bacon the most.

With vaporization, besides being the healthiest way to inhale cannabis, it is without a doubt the most precise when it comes to temperature control. By using a specific temperature, you can maximize the taste of the plant, as well as the effects of THC and CBD, while minimizing damage to your lungs. Being able to set a specific temperature to vaporize your cannabis lets you customize the taste, and the high you get (equipment permitting).

Vaporization Temperature Chart

All terpenes and cannabinoids within cannabis have different vaporization temperatures. Using the chart below, you can customize your cannabis experience by selecting the appropriate temperature for your target terpenes and cannabinoids. Keep in mind, you will need a vaporizer that has good temperature control in order to maximize your experience while causing the least amount of damage to your lungs!

Cannabis vaporization temperatures terpenes canabinoids
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Cannabis is Fragrant

Enjoying the floral, and in some cases, pungent, smells of cannabis is something that is more acceptable now that it is legal. In the past being engulfed in a waft of cannabis smoke was not ideal, seeing how well the smells linger on clothing. With legalization comes the opportunity to really put our noses in there and experience the full bouquet that cannabis has.

Aroma Chart

Our sense of smell usually tips us off to cannabis long before we indulge, our aroma chart is here to help you identify the diverse smells of cannabis strains. Whether you’re choosing a strain or trying to pair it with your favorite dinner, the scent is often the first step. Like smelling a good glass of wine, give your cannabis a good sniff and observe what flavourful terpene profiles are present!

Terpene smell graph Starbuds Canada
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Flavor Town

The pièce de résistance, taste. When using a vaporizer you really have the opportunity to taste the full range of terpenes within a strain, often to our pleasant surprise, there are notes and flavors we were not expecting.

Taste Chart

Terpenes are the chemicals responsible for every single flavor and smell you experience. This tasting chart will help you understand and break down the different categories of taste, giving you descriptive words and references to compare and understand cannabis unique flavor profiles. While we chose to focus on the terpene “big 6”  there are countless other terpenes that contribute to the tastes we experience. This chart is designed to give you a frame of reference when comparing strains with your friends, sit back and enjoy the diverse world of taste!

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We hope that these charts add a new level of fun and help you along your way to becoming a diverse cannabis connoisseur, or at least, give you some new fancy descriptive words to impress your friends at the next smoke session. As always consume safely, and let us know how your cannabis adventures go on our social channels.