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Cooking with Cannabis - Cannabis Coconut Oil

With the new year here and health and fitness resolutions in full swing, we wanted to provide the cannabis enthusiast with some healthy edible choices rather than your typical brownie or cookie recipe (though those are great too).

If you’re one of those people who manages to be healthy all year round and were waiting for us to make a coconut oil infusion “how to” sooner, we’re sorry for keeping you waiting (and congratulations for being way more dedicated to your health than we are.)

woman enjoying healthy coconut oil infused pasta

Before we can dive into the fun and exciting world of coconut oil and cannabis we first need to get our cannabis INTO coconut oil. The very first step to any infusion is decarboxylation. If you’ve not decarboxylated cannabis before, head on over to our “What is decarboxylation and how do I do it” blog, everything you need to know is conveniently there for you and we will see you back here afterward for coconut oil infusion.

What you will need:


-1g decarboxylated cannabis PER 1 tbsp of oil

(note: you can use less or more, but we recommend starting here and seeing how your body responds, everyone is different!)


-Metal strainer/sieve
-Bowl or large measuring cup
-Jar or bowl to store infused coconut oil in (remember it will harden when you are done)

-Saucepan or shallow pot

-Cooking Thermometer

vegan coconut bowl infused with cannabis

Step one - Prepare your product.

We suggest grinding your cannabis quite fine and choosing to strain with the cheesecloth (see step three). You may also choose to use shake, or leaves of a cannabis plant instead of bud, this is again entirely up to your personal preference, however dosing becomes difficult when you mix bud and shake, so we do suggest doing one or the other.

Step two - Let’s get cooking

Combine your ingredients in a saucepan on the lowest heat you can manage, making sure your temperature does not exceed 245℉  (so keep checking that thermometer). Leave your mixture on the stove for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.  


If you have an older stove and are worried about managing the temperature, you can add some water to your mixture to help reduce the chances of scorching your product. We generally recommend this no matter what way you are infusing your product (butter or oil).

Step three - Strain

Strain your mixture. You have a couple of options here. If you choose to use a strainer there will be some organics that sneak through and end up in your final product. We suggest using a cheesecloth to get as much organic plant material out of the coconut oil. Don’t squeeze the cheesecloth, similar to what happens when you squish a tea bag, the coconut oil can take on a more bitter taste from roughing up the cannabis too much and releasing unwanted flavors.

Step four - The waiting game

Leave it uncovered to solidify and cool. If you chose to add water into your mixture, it will separate and can simply be dumped out. If you choose to save the leftover cannabis plant material, you can use it however you’d like; there won’t be a high concentration of THC or CBD per se, but enough to enhance any dish for gentle effects (we suggest a juice or smoothie).

healthy stir fry finished with cannabis infused coconut oil

All done!

You now have cannabis infused coconut oil at your dispense! Cannabis coconut oil has a shelf life of about 2 months, that can be easily extended if stored in the fridge. We love infused coconut oil for several reasons, the main one being that it is so versatile. Think of all of the benefits that come with using coconut oil, and now combine the invigorating or relaxing (depending on your strain of choice) effects of cannabis and you have the perfect dynamic duo.

Cannabis infused coconut oil is not just for eating, coconut oil has become a staple in many DIY skin and hair care regimes. Adding the diverse effects of cannabis to your creams and bath bombs really open up a whole new world for cannabis use and we highly highly suggest you dip your toes in the endless possibilities of cannabis-infused coconut oil. We’ll be posting more how-to’s on this soon.

spicy thai soup with cannabis infused coconut oil

We hope you enjoyed learning how to infuse coconut oil with cannabis and that you find many many uses for it. If you are planning on eating or cooking with it, please dose conservatively, start low and go slow. Everyone has a very unique tolerance to cannabis, and edibles have a sneaky way of hitting you just when you let your guard down. Stay tuned this January while we explore more health conscious recipes and DIY ways to incorporate cannabis into your self-care routine. As always consume responsibly and be well!