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How to throw a cannabis-friendly party

Hostess with the Mostest

Hosting parties is a refined art in many cultures with many moving parts to consider. From light to the music, the food, space, drinks and now, cannabis, every piece has an important role in creating a memorable experience.

While most of us understand the expectations in our own group of friends and culture, adding cannabis into the mix is new for many people. Being considerate of different comfort levels and the proper etiquette to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and safe at your next cannabis-friendly party is important. We compiled a few suggestions to keep you at the top with the title host/hostess with the mostest this holiday season.

outside party

Variety is the spice of life

As unique as your guest list, your cannabis choices, and consumption methods should be just as varied!

Different consumption methods

Not everyone enjoys smoking a joint (nor do we recommend it), or the intense effects of edibles, so providing multiple different ways to consume cannabis is the best way to ensure your guests don’t choose to opt out in fear of being seen as “picky”. What should you offer? Going for the big three is the best; vaping, smoking and edibles are the most common and well understood. Providing people with three different options is a great start and allows them to customize their evening with something they may be more familiar with.

Strain variety

It’s important to keep in mind that cannabis affects everyone differently. To only offer up high THC sativas may pose a problem for a number of your guests.

Our suggestion? Have a few options for people to choose the type of experience they would like. In general, hybrids and sativas tend to be better for social gatherings, while indicas are less appropriate due to their sedating effects. You may want to consider lower THC strains as well, unless you and your friends are avid users, having a lower THC percentage will allow people to partake more often and enjoy the social aspect of a smoke circle or a cookie, with less risk of becoming too intoxicated.

night time sparklers

Let them know

Important in any party no doubt, but give your guests a tour of what you’re offering them. Introduce them to the cannabis supplies, as well as if there is a designated area for vaping or smoking. This way they understand what is expected of them beforehand, and you can avoid any awkward run-ins with improper etiquette.

Make it comfortable

Cannabis is still very new to the “socially acceptable” scene. For many people, they may be hesitant or uncertain about the proper etiquette that surrounds cannabis. To help people feel more comfortable with cannabis and understand the appropriate conduct, you’ll need to “set the stage”; after all, this is your home and your party, a priority for every host is ensuring their guest's comfort.

Girl smoking spliff at party

Make a cannabis corner

Having a specific area dedicated to cannabis is a great way to keep everything and everyone organized and takes the question of where what is appropriate away. You can have all of your different consumption tools here and depending on the type of party it is a great opportunity to show off your glass collection or other tools you may be proud of.

Clearly label what is what

If not in your plastic-dense, government approved containers, labeling your jars or baggies adds a level of comfort and class to any cannabis corner. It's important that people know what they're consuming strain-wise. Provide as much information as you can: the strain name, THC and CBD percentage, hybrid, sativa or indica, and anything else you may want to include. If you have some cannabis connoisseurs in your company than this also allows for great conversation pieces. No one likes the surprise mystery bud.


Creating a welcoming and relaxing environment for your guests should be a top priority for any host, but especially if your guests are consuming cannabis! Why? Cannabis heightens the senses, and if you put a little effort into creating a relaxing, comforting space, your guests will definitely notice and appreciate it!

Out door lighting


Lighting is a powerful mood-setting tool that can dictate a lot of the vibe in a space. Just think about how buzzy and unsettling the lighting in Walmart is. Using lamps, and other feature lighting is a must try. Colored lights (‘Tis the season for holiday lights right?) are a great way to create a great atmosphere. Hue Lighting is also a great option for the avid host who is ready to spend some dough on customizable lighting.


Music is a huge help in avoiding those awkward silences. Music is also a great conversation starter and enjoyed by people from all backgrounds. Changing with the mood and time is important, starting the evening off quieter and with a more relaxed feeling tends to be best, and turning up is left to a couple hours in when everyone is feeling it.


Last but definitely DEFINITELY not least, food. If snacks and appies are important at a regular party, take that and multiply it several times and you have your expectation.

buffet table of food

Again, variety is the best option here. With different guests come different dietary restrictions. Knowing your guests and being mindful of the types of snacks you offer will be greatly appreciated; especially by the munchie-crazed vegan that your friend brought as a plus 1. A good rule of thumb if you don't know everyone's needs or if you need to consider the “plus ones” of the world; one or two things that are vegetarian, a meat and cheese platter is a classic, same with a fruit tray and multiple different bags of chips are a safe bet. If you’re money conscious, then our personal favorite is a potluck! Invite everyone to bring an appy, and most of the time, they will bring something that meets their own needs just in case and you can focus on a variety of filler items, making your spread quite big and diverse!

Good vibe only t shirt

At the end of the day, you know your friends and your party, so customize yours to their needs. Our parting words of wisdom would be START LOW AND GO SLOW. Many people get excited when cannabis is acceptable and have a tendency to over consume. If you have guests trying cannabis for the first time at your house, guide them on what they should and shouldn't be trying. You want everyone to be safe and have a fun time, getting too intoxicated whether it's on cannabis or any other substance is never fun. If people are too intoxicated to figure out a ride home, you can have a few beds made up for people to stay over if necessary. One uncomfortable night on a futon is better than the alternatives; it's always a good idea to have a bowl for car key when people arrive that only designated drivers have access too throughout the night. As always consume responsibly, party on and get home safely!